E-Learner is a reputable international company run by a team of qualified teachers. It provides an integrated ICT curriculum to approximately 4500+ schools in 15 countries, including South Africa, Australia, Malaysia Mexico, USA, UK, Jordan, Egypt, etc… e-Learner is an ECDL endorsed product which equips candidates with a solid foundation for progressing on to the ECDL / ICDL qualification. It is a certified, modular course of progressive ICT skills utilizing courseware from e-Learner. Using a unique and integrated approach, e-Learner provides the means to acquire essential ICT skills across a spectrum of 7 units. For more information visit:

e-learner website

e-Learner adapts to the school’s academic methodologies by integrating life-skill lessons to the school’s existing curriculum and concentrations on:-

  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organize ourselves
  • Sharing the planet
  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time

The accredited e-Learner Gold course is made up of 7 units. The e-Learner units are aligned to those which one would encounter in the ICDL course thereby acting as a perfect introduction and progressive stepping stone (Gold) to the ICDL Core.

Units in the e-Learner course are as follows:

  1. How we express ourselves
  2. How the world works
  3. How we organize ourselves
  4. Sharing the planet
  5. Who we are
  6. Where we are in place and time

The Structure of the lesson page is designed to ease the task of planning for teachers. This page can be printed and included in the teacher’s planning file. It contains details of each step of the lessons as well as lesson outcomes and activity ideas outside the ICT room. If a school has a dedicated ICT educator, this can be printed out for the class teacher’s record as a means of keeping the class educator informed about what lessons will be completed in the ICT Centre.

We also supply various Educator Resources and other resources needed to complete the integrated lesson including templates and all relevant website links. such as:

  • Integrated Assessments Matrixes
  • Peer / Self and Teacher Assessment Forms
  • File Covers and Dividers
  • Lesson Structure Tables
  • Glossary and Dictionary
  • Classroom Posters


Available at two levels:

e-Learner Silver certificate:

Utilising units 1 – 5; covering basic skills in each of these units

e-Learner Gold certificate (at Grade 6 level):

Utilising units 1 – 7; building on the e-Learner Silver skills

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